The beautiful Buddha were in days of work by a Balinese artist lovingly and painstakingly by hand Soarholz (between a hardwood teak and mahogany, also called Asian oak) carved. A Buddha brings you happiness, strength and should be a support for meditation hours. The clean and sophisticated processing underscores the high quality of this wonderful craftsmanship. The wood has a beautiful grain and is sealed with an oil finish. This seal is differently absorbed by the wood and can cause slight color differences, which can not be seen as a complaint, but rather emphasize the naturalness of this product. Even slight cracks are natural and not as a complaint. I always give this advice, because it can occur despite intensive treatment to minor cracks.

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Product no.: ERL35

New figure, soar wood, hard wood, Happy Buddha, height 12 cm, width 12 cm, weight 240 grams.

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