Old straight Keris Jalak Ngore

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This old straight keris estimated the dapur Jalak Ngore. I suppose the tangguh is Mataram Kartasura. The pamors are Beras Wutah, Bawang Sebungkul and Mas Kumambang at the ganja. Pamor Beras Wutah has a positive magical strength, which is well for the family, the healthy, the security and defending the income. Pamor Bawang Sebungkul has a magical force that brings good luck, to keep order in the family and gives the owner peace. In addition, this pamor motif strengthens the magical power of the basic pamor motif. This pamor motif is for investors. The magical power of pamor Mas Kumambang granted the smooth dealings with others. This pamor motif is ideal for those who maintain many contacts because of their position with others. This dapur has a simple gandik. The ganja is mbatok mengkureb with pamor.

The warangka is ladrang Surakarta style and made of Pinisium wood. The pendok is a pendok slorok made of golden colored brass with a silver-colored inlay. The handle is made of medium brown wood in Surakarta style.

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