New Keris Bali Sabuk Inten 11 Luk

New Keris Bali Sabuk Inten 11 Luk

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This new keris with 11 luk estimated the dapur Sabuk Inten. The tangguh is Kemardikan. The pamor is Buntel Mayit. The kembang kacang is intact and the ganja is Mbatok Mengkureb with greneng.

The warangka is made of stained wood in batun poh style. The length is 17 inches (43 cm). The handle is made of dark brown wood in bondolan style. The length is 4 ¾ inches (12 cm). The mendak is made of golden colored brass and decorated with red and black synthetic stones.

The length of the blade is 14 ¾ inches (37.5 cm) and the total length is 21 ¼ inches (54 cm). The total weight is 514 grams.

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