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Here you find a wide range of typical and tradional Indonesian articles to bring the Indonesian culture closer to you. You will find both antiques and works of art as some tourist articles.

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Due to the current situation (coronavirus), Pos Indonesia stopped sending registered letters and parcels abroad on March 23, 2020 until further notice. We therefore use EMS for our articles, SkyNet Worldwide for knives and Cakra Express for keris. There are sometimes delays in shipping and delivery. Thank you for your comprehension. Unfortunately, we cannot update the shipping costs for EMS shipping (Wayang, books, carvings and various) for technical reasons. Please ask for shipping costs.

We offer interesting keris from a friend on Java under Special Offers https://keriscollection.jimdofree.com/special-offers/




Book Keris Minangkabau
Old price $110.00
$50.00 *
Book Kitab Lengkap Keris Jawa
Old price $60.00
$40.00 *
Old Keris Bugis 5 Luk
Old price $450.00
$375.00 *
Old Straight Keris Bugis Sepukal
Old price $475.00
$445.00 *
Semi Old Keris Kalawijan 37 Luk
Old price $110.00
$95.00 *
Wayang Kulit - Shadow Puppet
Old price $10.00
$9.00 *
New Karambit Kerambit Indonesia
Old price $22.50
$16.00 *
Wayang Golek - Rod Puppet
Old price $65.00
$50.00 *
New Keris Naga 7 Luk
Old Straight Keris Madura Tilam Upih
Old price $385.00
$295.00 *
* Prices including VAT plus shipping