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This is a new karambit. The blade is made of hand forged spring steel and has the shape of a sicle. The blade is sharp and serrated.

The scabbard is made of  brown leather with a pressure. The hilt is made of deer horn imitation. At the end it has a silver colored metal ring. This has an inner diameter of 2.2 cm. The hilt has two holes.

The length of the blade is 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) and the total length is 6 ¾ inches (17 cm).

The karambits are hand made and each one can be a little bit various and different from the shown picture.

The Karambit is an ancient form of a knife from Indonesia and the Philippines. It reminds a little of a sickle and is ideal for opening of packages and packaging. Karambit has the meaning: claw of the Tiger. In addition to the curved shape of the blade, the ring is a design feature at the end of the handle. This ring, which will host the little finger, prevents accidental dropping or losing the knife. These properties made the Karambit to an attractive tool for the rural of Indonesia (for the harvesting of fruit, caps from ropes, picking herbs, etc.).

The Karambit combines 3 tools in one: knife, combat knife, and self defense knife.

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