Old Straight Keris Tilam Upih

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This old straight keris estimated the dapur Tilam Upih. Tilam Upih in Javanese terminology means a mat of woven leaves for sleeping, meant to indicate the comfort of a family or household. Therefore, many Pusaka Keris were passed down from generation to generation with the Dapur Tilam Upih. This shows the hope of the family elders that their children and grandchildren can find peace and prosperity in married life. In the past, parents passed the Keris Tilam Upih to their married children from generation to generation, which means parents pray for their children so that their family life may be good, noble and prosperous. Tilam Upih is also a symbol of hope for prosperous life. Tilam Upih is also called the mother of all keris. According to a story long ago, Sunan Kalijaga once suggested to his followers that the first keris that existed was the Tilam Upih kerisI suppose the tangguh is Majapahit (1294-1474). The pamor is Mayang Mekar. The magical strength of the pamor Mayang Mekar is good for the living together with other people. Because of this strenght the owner will tell his people his own ideas and it will be positive for all. This dapur has a simple gandik. The ganja is mbatok mengkureb.

The warangka is ladrang Madura style and is made of dark brown wood. The pendok is made of golden colored metal in Madura style, also called Jawa Daunan. These kind of warangkas are already rare and expensive. The handle is made of medium brown stained wood in Surakarta style. The mendak is made of silver-colored metal.

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