About us

About us

2004 was a fateful year for our family. At that time I got to know a German who ran a small online shop in Germany in addition to his permanent position. Not only had it sparked between us, but the idea was born to sell Indonesian items online. I have sold a few keris from Indonesia, but the majority was sold by my partner in Germany along with many other items from our country.

At the end of 2019, our dream finally came true, to spend the time together with our son in Indonesia, not just for a short time. For this reason, the Bali Art Shop in Germany was closed and the goods are now sold by us in the country of origin.

We never have the fateful turn ready and are happy to see both the family united and now to carry out business activities together.

It all started with Keris back then and we have set up the website especially for Keris lovers, where you will also find a lot of interesting facts about keris.

We would be delighted if you would place your trust in us.