Traditional batik from Bali and Java

The word "batik" means "to dot", there are three basically method of making the batik, the first is Traditional Hand Drawn Batik or Batik Tulis, the second is Traditional Hand Stamped Batik or Batik Cap (or in old grammar Tjap) and the third is Traditional Combination Batik or Batik Kombinasi, this combine technique of Batik Tulis and Cap, I adding the word "Traditional" because this not made by manufactured but by handmade.

Javanese Batik origin known made at many places as cities of Pekalongan, Cirebon, Lasem, they known as North Coast Batik or Batik Pesisiran, the other places are Jogjakarta, Surakarta or Solo, Indramayu and Banyumasan, Madiun, Ponorogo, Madura Island, Padang, Ujung Pandang, Kalimantan Island, and more other places as the minority.

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