We ship from Indonesia. The item will be shipped to the delivery address in your PayPal payment. Please add a phone number.

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility, and the buyer is responsible for the shipping problem caused by your local customs office. Please ask your local customs for the estimated import duties and teax. For the completion of the customs formalities, the shipping service providers Fedex and DHL Express separately invoice a fee which you must also pay.

According to customer information, these fees in the Netherlands are:

  • Dutch Post (Post NL) for economy shipping: 4.00 euros
  • Dutch Post (Post NL) for sea freight: 7.00 euros
  • DHL Express: 2% of the value of the goods, at least 17.50 euros
  • FedEx about 8 euros

Please contact us immediately if there are any problems with the item. Please be patient and ask us for additional information to solve the problem! It is also helpful if you provide us with photos from which we can see the problem.

We do not accept returns, as the resulting costs usually exceed the value of the purchase price. We ask for your understanding.

Country specific advices:

CHINA: We will ship all items except knives to Mainland China if you have a tax ID. You also can purchase an item below 1,000 RMB or CNY without an tax ID. But please contact us for details and the risks before you purchase the item.

UNITED KINGDOM: It is required to include an EORI (economic operator registration identification) Number. If the recipient does not have an EORI number, then they can register to get it via, it will take 3-5 working days to make EORI. Any shipment that is not accompanied by the recipient's EORI cannot be processed further.