Old Straight Keris Pasopati

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This old straight keris estimated the dapur Pasopati. Keris with dapur Pasopati are full of deep meaning and philosophy. Pasopati is a symbol of leadership, struggle, and loyalty. Ricikan straight Keris without luk, so that the person who owns him does not waver in his posture, is straight on his life's journey and becomes a leader who has a firm opinion. Because of this, in ancient times, owning the dapur Pasopati was synonymous with Senopati, or warlords. Not everyone can have this dapur. And so far the krisses are hunted with the dapur Pasopati by those who are involved in politics and the military. I suppose the tangguh is Mataram Hamengku Buwono (18th century). The pamor is Beras Wutah. Pamor Beras Wutah has a positive magical strength, which is well for the family, the healthy, the security and defending the income.This dapur has a simple gandik without a kembang kacang. The ganja is Mbatok Mengkureb with pamor.

The warangka is gayaman Surakarta style and made of medium brown trembalo wood. The pendok is a pendok bunton made of gold-colored brass. The hilt is Surakarta style with the typical and made of nearly black wood. The mendak is made of silver colored metal.

The length of the blade is 13 ½ inches (34.5 cm) and the total length is 20 ½ inches (52 cm).



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