Old straight Keris Tilam Sari Surakarta

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This old straight keris estimated the dapur Tilam Sari. I suppose the tangguh is Mataram (late 16th to 17th century). The pamor is Beras Wutah. Pamor Beras Wutah has a positive magical strength, which is well for the family, the healthy, the security and defending the income.This dapur has a simple gandik without a kembang kacang and the ganja is Mbatok Mengkureb.

The warangka is made of stained peled wood in gayaman Surakarta style. The pendok is a pendok Blewahan made of golden colored metal. The hilt is made of nearly black wood in Surakarta style with typical carvings. The mendak is made of golden colored metal and decorated with some white, red and green stones like zirkonia.

The length of the blade is 13 1/4 inches (33.5 cm) and the total length is 18 inches (46 cm).


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